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The History of the Great Tree
documentaries of the Uru Live Prologue (2003)

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These events from Uru Prologue (2003) have been recreated as accurately as possible using the logs recorded from explorers who witnessed them. Volunteers assume the roles of explorers who could not portray themselves.

Episode Title Duration Download
Zero The Beginning 5m 50s  
One Planting the Seeds 15m 22s  
Two You Need to Hear 15m 56s  
Three Sides are Chosen 9m 47s  
Four The Power of Returning 13m 41s  
Five Safety First 17m 50s  
Six Conversations with Victor Laxman 26m 26s  
Seven Kidnapped! 19m 21s  
Eight Unrest in Ae'gura ??m ??s - someday -
Nine The Secret Room ??m ??s - someday -
Ten Resistance and Consequence ??m ??s - someday -
Eleven The Fall of Phil Henderson ??m ??s - someday -