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This music video is a machinima, with footage captured in video games called Myst Uru: Complete Chronicles and Myst Online: Uru Live and synchronized to clips of music from assorted popular songs. The video was assembled using Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0.

Myst Online: Uru Live was a multiplayer adventure/puzzle game from Cyan Worlds, the makers of MYST and Riven. Originally incarnate as "Uru Live", it was aborted before the completion of open beta in February 2004. In 2006, GameTap announced it would restart the venture as Myst Online. The service ran for about one year before GameTap cancelled it, and the servers went offline in April 2008.

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The UruTV Puzzle | The Making of UruTV


The UruTV Puzzle

There is a puzzle included within UruTV. During segments of the video, a sequence of D'ni numerals flash in the lower right corner of the picture. What do they mean?

Clues to deciphering the messages (posted on the Myst Online forums over a period of days):

Each number represents a letter.

The best way to beat someone at any game is to know how he or she plays. My last puzzle was for my first video, Unwritten. This puzzle is different, but some of the same difficulties could apply.

There is only one puzzle to solve, not nine.

Instead of noting which numbers appear in which scene, try the opposite.

By "opposite", I mean "vice-versa". There must be a reason when a number appears in multiple scenes.

All of the information you need is somewhere in the video.

At this point, a'moaca' solved the puzzle and posted the solution to the Myst Online forums.

Clues continue:

The previous clue title was itself a clue. Stolen Gist -> Song Titles

The ninth scene's title is "".

The trick to solving the UruTV puzzle is to look for letters that are common to each of the song titles used in the video.

A number common to a set of scenes represents a letter that is common to those scenes' titles. When you compare the letters from all 9 scenes, you can uniquely match each number to its letter.

For example, the letter "F" only appears in "Free Fallin'". No other letter appears in this title, yet no others. The number 1 only appears during "Free Fallin'", therefore 1 = F.

Only the letter A appears in all titles except "Burn You Up, Burn You Down" and the end scene. And the number 2 appears in all scenes except the first and last. Therefore, 2 = A.

No unscrambling is necessary; the numbers provide the sequence in which the letters must be arranged to provide the answer.

It is possible for multiple numbers to translate to the same letter.

The correct URL is
Lo Spire is an anagram of Spoiler
Brawl Nick Leg is an anagram of Wrecking Ball
Myst or Riven Delight is an anagram of Try Moving the Slider
Critic of Lanai is an anagram of Clarification
Stolen Gist is an anagram of Song Titles
Throw You Ahead is an anagram ... but I don't remember what for.
Salted Moon is an anagram ofAlmost Done

The Making of UruTV